How To Survive a Donald Trump Presidency

Hey friends!

I’m pretty sure you are all aware that Donald Trump is, among many things, a liar, sexual predator, tax-avoider, and race-baiter.

If you disagree, well… yeah.

Anyway, want to know how to salvage your sanity? Here is my advice for YOU on how to survive a Donald Trump presidency:


It’s basic human nature to practice denial and say, “He’s just exaggerating.”

No he’s not. Trump means every word he says (or tweets). He received the support and adulation necessary to win because of his outrageous threats.

“Lock her up!”

You think that was a joke? Trump may not have “locked up” Hillary Clinton in first full week in office, but it would be foolish to then say, “Okay, maybe he doesn’t believe everything he says.”

Trump has made his plans clear. Among other things, he will dismantle Obamacare and attempt to make Mexico pay for that stupid wall. He will attempt to make members of the judicial system fall in line. He will use the judicial system to carry out his political vendettas.

Forget police issues and criminal justice reforms for a second… can you imagine his choice for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, going after Clinton on orders from Trump?


For some reason, many people are suckers for calming rhetoric from authority figures such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It’s understandable, considering most are currently feeling panicked and confused. Often times, falsely reassuring words about how the world has not “technically” ended helps neutralize these feelings of panic.

Yes, the world didn’t end on Nov. 8, 2016 nor at any previous time in history. But in almost all historical catastrophes, most unfold over time. The calming rhetoric can only be neutralized for so long.


The media will be the first big institutional victim of this Trump presidency. There is no law that requires the presidential administration to hold daily briefings. There is no law that requires the White House to guarantee media access. In due time, journalists will face a very difficult dilemma…

Fall in line or get out.

The Trump administration has already challenged the investigative press and Trump himself has gone so far as to call them the “opposition party.” The power of the press will decline and the media will soon be wrapped around Trump’s finger.

Remember when Trump and Clinton argued whether Muslim Americans bear collective responsibility for acts of terrorism? The coverage of this issue further normalized xenophobia, which allowed Trump to make good on his promise of tracking down American Muslims and banning Muslims from entering the United States. In other words, the Trump administration will get to frame many important issues going forward.


If you follow point one, this will be easy. Ignore those who believe you are being unreasonable and overreacting. Going forward, you likely be one of the few hysterical people in a room. Be prepared.

Despite losing the popular vote, Trump possesses as much power as any American leader in recent history. The Republican Party controls both Houses of Congress. The country is at war abroad and has been in a state of mobilization for over a decade. Not only has Trump moved fast, but he has an unusually high level of political support. There is no doubt that he wants to increase his support, but how will he do that?

Through mobilization and war.


Don’t be Ted Cruz.

Okay, that seems kind of obvious, but don’t do what Cruz during the campaign. Don’t go from calling Trump a “pathological liar” to endorsing him and praising his victory as an “amazing victory for the American worker.” Don’t listen to the people who say “be a little more positive and hope for nothing but good to come out of this.”

Republican politicians and pundits (like Tammy Lauryn, I think that’s her name) have already fallen in line. Democrats in Congress will continue to say that they are trying to co-operate and reduce the damage. However, when mobilization is the goal, there is no such thing as “reducing the damage.”

If your soul hasn’t felt crushed already by the events of this past week… sorry, it will be soon enough.

Obama made the case that co-operation is essential for the future. I would like to ask him if he thought Congress was “cooperative” during his presidency.


Nothing last forever. Donald Trump certainly will not last forever.

What many people fail to realize is that a lack of vision for the future may have cost the Democrats this election. They failed to offer a vision to counterbalance Trump’s white-populist vision of the past.

Democrats also ignored outdated institutions of democracy that call out for reform, such as the electoral college, which has now cost them two elections. It is wrong for the candidate with the popular vote to lose an election.


Keep marching. Keep demonstrating. Keep making your voice heard

But most importantly, DO NOT STOP.

Do you have any other tips for how to survive this apocalyptic nightmare? Let me know what you think in the comment section below or send me a tweet (@danny_shin131).


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