Game of Thrones Season 7 Character Predictions: Part I

HBO’s Game of Thrones returns for their seventh season on July 16, 2017. The season will be seven episodes long and each episode will have an extra 20-30 minutes of content to meet the usual 10 hours per season.

Every Sunday, for the next 11 weeks, I will be posting my Game of Thrones Season 7 character predictions. This week, I will cover characters now in the Vale and Braavos.


Robin Arryn

Isn’t he beautiful? And strong, too. Jon knew it. His last words were “the seed is strong.” He wanted everyone to know what a good, strong boy his son would grow up to be. Look at him, the Lord of all the Vale. -Lysa Arryn, Season 1 Episode 5, “The Wolf and the Lion”

Well, that’s not exactly the most accurate description of Robin Arryn.

Anyway, Robin is actually one of the more important pieces in this “Game of Thrones.” Unfortunately, he is a bit oblivious to everything that is going on in Westeros. Robin is the rightful heir to the Vale, one of the few remaining areas of Westeros still untouched by war. As we saw in the “Battle of the Bastards,” the Vale is full of soldiers and whoever controls Robin controls the Vale.

At this moment, Littlefinger controls Robin. But who is to say that someone will attempt to pry the little Lord away from him? For instance, “Bronze” Yohn Royce did not seem happy with Littlefinger’s influence on Robin. Maybe he could organize a coup.

But perhaps the most interesting influence on young Robin could be Sansa. For one, it seems that she is learning how to play this “Game of Thrones” thanks to Littlefinger. Maybe she will try to win Robin over via marriage, which would certainly give her influence over him and the Vale. More importantly, it would diminish Littlefinger’s power.

Robin reminds me of Tommen, in that he doesn’t really have an active role in this “Game of Thrones.” It is a dangerous game to play and once there is war, it’s a wrap. But if Robin manages to steer clear of the fighting, and the Moon Door for that matter, he should make it to Season 8.



Jaqen H’ghar

A man teaches a girl. “Valar Dohaeris.” All men must serve. Faceless Men most of all. -Jaqen H’ghar, Season 5 Episode 3, High Sparrow

I’m torn on whether we will see Jaqen H’ghar again.

From his introduction in Season 2, his purpose has been to serve Arya’s storyline. He killed for her back at Harrenhal while serving the Many-Faced God, and then later trained her to do the same.

Of course, that didn’t pan out as Arya had anticipated.

Jaqen allowed the Waif to go after Arya, which she sees as betrayal. She doesn’t need him anymore, which is why she went back home to Westeros.

But don’t you get the feeling that Jaqen let Arya leave the House of Black and White a bit too easily?

Maybe he some plan that we are not aware of at the moment. Perhaps it serves his purpose to let Arya run through her list, as we saw in the Season 6 finale.

Or worst of all, Jaqen could be following Arya silently, waiting for an opportunity to kill the person who disrespected the organization to which he’s dedicated his life. Perhaps Arya’s death is imminent in Season 7.

Then again, Jaqen could let this whole thing go and stay in Essos. Since I’m still torn on whether we’ll see him again, I’ll leave his survival rate at 50-50.


Let me know what your predictions are for GoT Season 7 in the comment section or send me a tweet @danny_shin131


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