Game of Thrones Season 7 Character Predictions: Part V


HBO’s Game of Thrones returns for its seventh season on July 16, 2017. The season will be seven episodes long and each episode will have an extra 20-30 minutes of content to meet the usual 10 hours per season. Every Sunday leading up to the season premiere, I will be posting my Season 7 character predictions.

This week, I will make predictions for characters now in Oldtown and Horn Hill.


Samwell Tarly

“I saw it with my own eyes on our way down to Castle Black. He drove a dagger into the walker’s heart. He risked his own life to save mine more than once. He’s a greater warrior than either of you will ever be.” -Gilly, Season 6 Episode 6, “Blood of My Blood”

There is a compelling case for Samwell as the most knowledgable character on Game of Thrones. As the former steward of Maester Aemon Targaryen, Sam knows all the great houses of Westeros and even penned responses to some of them. Now at the Citadel, he will only expand his knowledge on the history of the realm.

When it’s all said and done, I think Samwell will be the Grand Maester to the new ruler of the Seven Kingdoms (which is a topic for another day). I mean – someone has to write a book about all of this, right?


Gilly and Little Sam

The thing about Gilly that’s so interesting… is after all that Craster’s done to her, she’s still got hope that life might get better.” -Samwell Tarly, Season 2 Episode 10, “Valar Morghulis”

Gilly has certainly come a long way from Craster’s Keep. Since then, Gilly and Samwell have fallen in love and formed one of the sweetest romances in the Seven Kingdoms.

Now at the Citadel in Oldtown, it’s safe to assume that Samwell will discover something pivotal as it relates to the looming war with the White Walkers. How long that will take, though, is unknown. That being said, it’s likely that Samwell and Gilly will stay at the Citadel for most of Season 7, which bodes well for Gilly and Little Sam’s survival chances. Not that anyone would want to kill a baby – thank goodness Janos Slynt is dead.

Granted, there could some threats lurking around Oldtown, similar to the A Song of Ice and Fire books. But barring something unforeseen, Gilly and Little Sam should make it through to the last season.



Randyll Tarly

I thought the Night’s Watch might make a man of you – something resembling a man at least. You managed to stay soft and fat, your nose buried in books, spending your life reading about the achievements of better men. I’ll wager you still can’t sit a horse or wield a sword… -Randyll Tarly, Season 6 Episode 6, “Blood of My Blood”

This guy is a first-class asshole. What kind of father threatens their son with death?

Not to mention, Lord Randyll is a loser. He fought with the Targaryens in Robert’s Rebellion and initially supported Renly Baratheon back in Season 2. As a vassal family to House Tyrell of Highgarden, Horn Hill’s forces will likely support Olenna Tyrell and Daenerys Targaryen. The Mother of Dragons is certainly no loser, but who knows what will happen in Season 7.

Randyll is not likely to show up that often in Season 7. If he does, expect him to exact revenge on Samwell for stealing the family’s valyrian steel sword and fleeing to the Citadel. With the support of Dany and her dragons, Randyll will likely make it to Season 8.


Let me know what your predictions are for GoT Season 7 in the comment section or send me a tweet @danny_shin131



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  2. charandtheweb · May 29, 2017

    Can’t the next season start already haha? I feel like it’s been forever since last season ended, I can’t wait no mo! These are some great predictions; spoilers and predictions are really what keep us going until the next season finally airs haha. Going to check out your other posts as soon as possible.

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