Game of Thrones Season 7 Character Predictions: Part VIII


HBO’s Game of Thrones returns for its seventh season on July 16, 2017. The season will be seven episodes long and each episode will have an extra 20-30 minutes of content to meet the usual 10 hours per season. Every Sunday leading up to the season premiere, I will be posting my Season 7 character predictions.

This week, I will make predictions for the dragons and direwolves!



Dracarys! -Daenerys Targaryen, Season 2 Episode 10, “Valar Morghulis”

Drogon is the greatest killing machine on the show.

He is the most independent and fiercest of Daenerys Targaryen’s three dragons. When the “Mother of Dragons” imprisoned two of her children, Drogon fled to the wild, where he grew larger than his siblings. When his mother is in danger, he always comes to her aid. He will get stronger and his bond with Dany will continue to grow in Season 7.


Rhaegal and Viserion

Viserion? Rhaegal? -Daenerys Targaryen, Season 5 Episode 2, “The House of Black and White”

This is where things could get interesting.

After spending the past two seasons locked away in a dungeon beneath Meereen, Rhaegal and Viserion are free and off to Westeros with everyone else. So far, nothing has been able to stop the dragons. But it is worth noting that Rhaegal and Viserion, at best, have provided aerial support for Drogon, who usually takes the lead in dangerous situations. Now, they are large enough to battle, which is not necessarily the greatest thing in the world.

I think Rhaegal and Viserion will get taken down in Season 7.

Showrunners Dave Benioff and D.B. Weiss need to raise the stakes, and killing off two of Dany’s “children” would certainly do that. Not to mention, the show has killed off direwolves at an alarming rate. Why not the dragons?

Granted, dragons are formidable fighting machines, but they’re still mortal. It’s also worth noting that Essos had not seen dragons for hundreds of years since they burned the masters’ fleet last season. Of course they were not ready for such weapons. But it was only a few generations ago that dragons were alive and well in Westeros. Maybe Queen Cersei Lannister could have something up her sleeve that could neutralize them.

But the biggest threat to the dragons in Season 7 will be Euron Greyjoy.


In A Feast for Crows, Euron Greyjoy brings a dragon horn, a.k.a “Dragonbinder”, to the kingsmoot when the ironborn choose a new King of the Isles and the North. Euron wins by promising to conquer Westeros with dragons. In A Dance With Dragons, a red priest named Moqorro says that the Valyrian glyphs on the horn read “I am Dragonbinder … No mortal man should sound me and live … Blood for fire, fire for blood.”

The horn has yet to turn up on the show, but if Euron has it, that could cause all sorts of problems for Dany.

There’s also the possibility that Rhaegal and Viserion are still mad that Dany locked them up in Meereen. Tyrion does say that “dragons do not do well in captivity” and that they are “more intelligent than men, according to some maesters.” Both of them could act up to the point where Dany needs to put them down.

No one on the show knows how dragons will react to long periods of captivity, and that could prove deadly.




The runt of the litter. That one’s yours, Snow. -Theon Greyjoy, Season 1 Episode 1, “Winter is Coming”

Now that Wun Wun isn’t around to eat up the CGI budget, Ghost should play a bigger role in Season 7.

If you look back at the other Stark direwolves, all of them died for a reason. Lady had to go to advance Sansa’s storyline, Grey Wind died during the Red Wedding, Shaggydog died as a precaution so the Umbers could hand over Rickon to Ramsay Bolton, and Summer had to sacrifice himself so Bran could escape the giant weirwood tree.

There’s just no reason for Ghost to die at this point in the story. How can one call Jon Snow the “White Wolf” without a direwolf?


Let me know what your predictions are for GoT Season 7 in the comment section or send me a tweet @danny_shin131


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