Game of Thrones Season 7: Weeks Ahead Comic Con Preview



God bless Comic Con. New Game of Thrones trailer. Let’s go.

(I already discussed some of the preview shots, like Jon strangling Littlefinger, in the two posts above, so check those out for my thoughts on those situations.)


1. House Tarly aligns with the Lannisters. Yup, that’s Samwell’s father, Randyll, and brother, Dickon, in the throne room with Cersei. I previously talked about Randyll in my character predictions, but silly me, I thought he would align with Daenerys since Horn Hill is a vassel house of the Tyrells. House Tarly is probably aligning with Cersei because the Targaryens failed Randyll during Robert’s Rebellion. It makes sense, but it’s worth noting that Randyll has a history of ending up on the losing side.

2. Jon wants Dany’s dragonfire. I assume Jon received Samwell’s raven from the Citadel about the dragon glass mountain below Dragonstone. Not to mention, Dany has three dragons that could prove very useful against the army of the dead. However, as “Bronze” Yohn Royce points out, “A Targaryen cannot be trusted.” He lived during Robert’s Rebellion, as did many of the northern lords, so it’s understandable why they would be wary of the Mad King’s daughter.


3. Melisandre and Varys! I can’t wait to see this conversation! Back in Season 3, Varys told the story of his castration by a sorcerer and how he heard a voice in the flames as his “parts” burned in the fire. But the sorcerer called and a voice answered, and ever since that day, I have hated magic and all those who practice it. But you can see why I was eager to aid in your fight against Stannis and his red priestess. A symbolic revenge of sorts. In addition, the red priestess from last season, Kinvara, also seemed to know more about what Varys heard in the flames. Maybe Melisandre knows more about that voice as well. Whatever they talk about, I’m sure it will make for a fascinating conversation.


4. Jon and Ser Davos go to Dragonstone. I know it was widely assumed, but this shot is just confirmation. That is clearly Jon and Ser Davos being escorted up to the castle by the Dothraki.


5. Melisandre believes Dany has a role to play. Melisandre knows Jon is the “prince that was promised” and she knows about the threat looming beyond-the-Wall. Now seeing Dany and her dragons, I think Melisandre is starting to connect the dots in terms of who will play an important role in defeating the Night King. Obviously, the big task for Melisandre, as well as Jon and Ser Davos, will be convincing Dany and her advisors that defeating the Night King is more important than claiming the Iron Throne. Considering Dany’s ambitions as well as the goals of her close allies, I imagine that it will be difficult.

Let me know what you think about the new preview in the comment section or send me a tweet @danny_shin131! As always, thanks for reading!


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